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Over the weekend, the very much anticipated poetry series dropped and so far has been downloaded by a number of persons with varying assertions on the poems in the series. Today, I’ll be sharing one of the poems from the... Continue Reading →

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007 Heavenward

Photo credit Victor Adewale “Hug me. Hug me, my child” Mama never asked to be hugged. She often pulled away when people tried to wrap her in one. Throughout my teenage years, I longed for a hug. In my adulthood,... Continue Reading →

​006: The Illusion of ‘Right Time’

It's kind of funny that as humans - having lived through generations of impromptus and suddenlies - we still live with illusions of coming upon fortune or good fate or greatness 'at the right time'. It's funny, because life is... Continue Reading →

[005] DO not Read This Post, It May Kill You

[005] DO not Read This Post, It May Kill You I was almost killed as a fetus. Mama told me the story again, today. I was eight months old when the nurses asked her to come in for delivery. I... Continue Reading →

Reverse 🔀 Prompt

[THE DEEPER LAYER OF OUR EXISTENCE HAS NO SPECIFICATION] For many years now, the world and the media has been nothing but a dice tossed and turned in an unending frequency. Yes, the world is bad, and no, it is... Continue Reading →


Editor's Note: Hey, it's another weekend. And I'm pretty sure you're getting down with house chores and relaxation after a week of working for the paper... Today, for our weekend special, we have Damilola Ogunojuwo talking about his desire to... Continue Reading →

[004] The Other Room And Other Such Sexual Stereotypes

[004]: Somehow, I am happy with the outcome of events this week. So, if you haven’t heard, the President and Commander-in-chief of the Armed forces of Nigeria, yesterday, made a statement which classified his wife as a kitchen utensil, as... Continue Reading →


Editor’s Note: On our guest contributor segment, we have this short moving piece of fiction from Nicholas Oyathekhua [A’saph]. Oya let me shut up here and allow you continue. Guns cocking, grenades exploding; shrapnel delivering the messages from their source... Continue Reading →

[003] : This Is NOT A Music Review/Critique

"...You begin to doubt the effectiveness of the mental calibration of your fellow countryman whose song is literally causing you so much pain. You are angry, livid even. And if the driver would just turn from the road and take a long look at your face, he’d almost taste your ire. But he doesn’t turn; lucky for him..."

[002] Nigeria, Recession and the Politics of Food Rationing

What will I not see in this life? In my family, there are some laid down observations. I used laid down intentionally because overtime, we have gotten used to these observations and they have become for us, semi-rules by which... Continue Reading →

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